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Here you will find 2 videos, one presenting the products and one

presenting the business opportunity briefly.

The company is listed on the stock exchange and very fast growing.

We open for partners in Hong Kong in the beginning of October, the company has established a warehouse and office in the city.


We would love to connect with you, our team in Norway is eager to establish a team in Hong Kong so we can learn from and visit each other.


This is a great opportunity if you like talking to people
and want to grow a business,
we hope you take it! 

If you find it interesting, please fill in the form below the video`s or schedule a meeting directly, so we can have a chat.

If you do not speak English, we can have one with us talking your native language.

Looking forward to talk with you!

Cordelia and Heidi

Product presentation:

Business presentation:

Have a meeting with us to learn more:

Are you comfortable having the meeting in English?

Thanks for submitting!

Or schedule a meeting with us directly:

Be sure to check that the calender is set to your timesone after you choose a date.

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